Our company Balticdesign & Constructions OÜ locating in Tallinn, Estonia has been producing various interior and exterior design elements and units for more than 25 years. You can find our products in amusement parks, miniature golf tracks, cruise line ships, hotels, restaurants and wherever you need complicated design and building elements. About 3 years ago we started with a completely new composite material under DURACT brand.

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Duract is perfect replacement to the polyester-based materials used today. Duract is completely water-based and has a superior fire resistance and absence of smoke generation during fire. Benefits of Duract composite solution is freedom of shape, light weight, and strong end result. Duract is also environmentally friendly and non-toxic. Material properties include full dimensional accuracy, free formability, coating with all possible paints and painting techniques, low elasticity compared to plaster, practically non-existent thermal expansion / contraction, water resistance after drying (use in wet areas but not continuously under water). Installation ease (so-called cut and paste technology) is an important feature, also easy to fix in case of damage. Material colour (standard creamy white) can be changed by using pigments and final product can be painted.

Where to use

Duract can be used to replace, for example, all products made of gypsum, polyester based and difficult-to-implement metal structures.  Important areas of application: architecture, indoor as well as outdoor; decorations and stage-setting; laminated panels; reproductions; casting, and model building. Elements as pillars, decorative ceiling and wall panels, furniture parts, bar counter fronts, lighting profiles, etc. can be produced.  It is possible to add as filling various materials, such as pigments, sand, quartz, granite and stone, metal powders (iron powder for rust effect and bronze and copper), organic fillers and lightweight fillers. This means the end look can be adjusted to the wishes and requirements of the user.


Duract composite system A1 is IMO certified by Det Norske Veritas for use in marine industry. Balticdesign & Constructions OÜ has also MED D-module certificate to produce different products as wall panels and ceilings and design elements in various forms.